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Xplorer™ Minimalist Barefoot Shoes

Xplorer™ Minimalist Barefoot Shoes

Comfortable As Socks, Protect Like Shoes And Fit Into Any Backpack

✔️ Protect Your Feet From Sharp Objects

✔️ Perfect For Outdoor Adventures

✔️ Handy & Super Portable

✔️ Lightweight & Compact

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Xplorer™ Minimalist Barefoot Shoes

Xplorer™ Minimalist Barefoot Shoes


"I got these for a trip to Patagonia and were INCREDIBLE!! They took no space on my backpack and the sole was resistant enough to walk on sharp volcanic rocks. 100% Recommended!"

Pete W. - California
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Barefoot Comfort, Anywhere You Go

After a long day out, the first thing you probably do is taking your shoes off...

Freeing your feet from tight sneakers is stunningly pleasurable!

Feel the comfort and freedom of barefoot at any time!

Walk, run, hike and even swim comfortably with Xplorer Minimalist Shoes!

Protects Your Feet From Sharp Objects

Your feet will be protected against sharp objects and slippery obstacles in your path, making these the best outdoor barefoot shoes!

Xplorer™ rubber soles ensures secure grip on any surface, even if it's wet.

And they act as your shield against sharp objects, rugged trails, and jagged rocks.

    • Let Your Foot To Spread Naturally

      Move freely and comfortable with ample space for your toes to spread

    • As Light As A Feather

      Made of Ultralight Materials, making these the perfect camping shoes

    • Breathable & Odor Free

      Wicks away moisture and combats odor-causing bacteria

      Your New Travel & Adventure Buddy

      Xplorer Sock Shoes take up almost no space and fit into any backpack.

      They are perfect for traveling, hiking, or as a backup shoe for trips.

      You will get the functionality and durability of regular shoes, but as lightweight and portable as socks!

      Water Resistant & Dry Quick

      Don't worry about getting them wet, Xplorer Sock Shoes are perfect as water shoes too!

      Get into rivers or the sea in peace! The resistant sole will to protect you from rocks and sharp objects

      And once you get out of the water, put them in the sun for a while and they will be 100% dry for your next adventure.

      • ★★★★★

        Richard, Florida

        "I consider the Xplorer sock shoes as my new must for traveling! They not only are comfy, but also these are so extremely tiny to fit on my travel backpack (that's always super full). Last trip I did was to Cancun, I wore them on excursions, at the beach, and even at the swimming pool. Yeah, I love them 😂 I got 3 pairs and maybe soon a 4 one!"

      • ★★★★★

        Conor, California

        "These shoe socks are amazing! They feel like being barefoot but at the same time they protect my feet like shoes! Easy to slip on and off. I walk the dog 3 times a day and they are my go to shoes. I got a pair for my wife and she wears her as slippers"

      • ★★★★★

        Mike, Missouri

        "I stumbled upon the sock shoes and thought 'Why not?' I'm not one for writing reviews, but man, these shoes deserve it. They're light, breathable, and I great to work out. Spot on. Sure, they look a bit different from your usual sneakers, but trust me, it's worth it for the comfort."

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        100% Satisfied Or Get Your Money Back!

        You're either feeling loving Xplorer Pro™, or simply contact us at within 60 days of receiving your order, and we will give you all your money back. No questions asked.

        Questions? We’ve Got You Covered


        Are they suitable for all types of activities and terrains?

        Absolutely! You can use them everywhere you go and to do all your favorite activities

        This are the most frequently activities our customers do with theirs Xplorer Pro:

        - Travel
        - Commute
        - Run errands
        - Grocery shop
        - Walk the dog
        - Work out at the gym
        - Switch into them to get comfy at work
        - At the beach


        What are the shipping times?

        We offer Fast Shipping with tracking number!

        We also ship worldwide 🌍

        Our shipping times are:

        United States: 4 - 12 days

        United Kingdom: 6 - 14 days

        European Region: 7 - 12 days

        Canada: 7 - 14 days

        All other international destinations: 7 - 14 days

        Processing Times:

        Please note that processing times may vary and will be communicated during the purchase process. Orders are typically processed within 24 - 48 business hours.


        Are they easy are to clean and maintain?

        Yes! They are super easy to clean and maintain

        You can clean them with adamp cloth and even wash them in the washing machine.

        Additionally, they are extremely breathable & quick-drying, making them convenient for regular use without the hassle of extensive cleaning routines.


        What happens if I choose the wrong size?

        Finding the right fit is essential for optimal comfort. If the Pantufla Sock Shoes don't fit as well as you'd like you can return them and get a new pair.

        We offer a hassle-free exchange policy to ensure you get the perfect fit. Simply reach out to our customer support team, and they will guide you through the process of exchanging the shoes for the correct size.

        Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to make sure you love your sock shoes.